The Wedding Singer

Keith Armitage has always been known for his charismatic live performances and love of involving the audience. This combined with his talents for singing and playing guitar, makes him the perfect One Man Band - Wedding Singer. He has played countless weddings over the years including several celebrity weddings and has even been flown out of town when the Bride and Groom wouldn't have anyone else. He is highly professional and makes sure he gets everything right so that there are no hiccups on that special day. He has a large repertoire and will even learn that special song for the occasion if need be.


Keith can start off the evening by playing intimate acoustic songs and then later on switch to party and dance mode with his Fender Stratocaster and high quality backing tracks which make him sound like a full band. This is a perfect and economical alternative to a full live band which can be expensive, loud and can take a lot of space.
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Keith is also a trained TV presenter and for 3 years was the face and Voice of Allianz Australia Nationwide and because of his ability to speak in public with charm and wit, he is also constantly being asked to MC at weddings when the bridal party needs someone.

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