He is also an experienced T.V. presenter and wedding M.C. read on..

Keith has been one of Sydney's most popular wedding and function singer/entertainers

for over 30 years. 

Keith Armitage is a natural entertainer and is known for his warm charismatic stage personality and his love of involving the crowd. He has played nearly every pub and club in Sydney and beyond including cruise ships, super yachts, snow fields, marquee's, halls and backyards. He is the consummate professional and adapts to any environment from casual outdoor settings to stylish function rooms.

Keith has been the one and only choice for many weddings as his sense of fun is very contagious and he often gets the wedding party up to sing with him making may memorable moments that last a lifetime.

Also he has played at many parties such as 40th's, 50th's and 60th's and always guarantees a great time.


He can play laid back cruisy or romantic songs on his acoustic guitar or get everyone singing along with the classics or switch in a heartbeat to dance mode with his electric guitar and beautifully programmed backing tracks to sound like a full band. All depending on what suits the organisers and the event. 


In full party mode:Click Here   (Shot on iphone)

In Sing Along mode Click here

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Keith Armitage is also an accomplished presenter and was the face of Allianz Australia for 3 years in all their TV commercials. This warm charismatic personality and quick wit makes him an excellent choice for an M.C. for you special day. He can also think on his feet which comes from years of live performances and this is very handy sometimes with unpredictability of some ceremonies 

To view of some of his TV work click here 

Why hire a Soloist?

A soloist is a more affordable and sometimes a more versatile option for your wedding.  Especially if they can sing ambient acoustic songs for the arrival of guests before the ceremony and that special love song for walking up the aisle. Which Keith will learn for you. Then being able to provide a sing along type environment for people who love to get involved and or switch to dance songs and sound like a full band. 

And on top of that someone who can M.C. 

Ask yourself what pre ceremony music would cost?

What a band costs?

and what an would M.C. and their is your answer. 

Or a Duo 

Keith calls upon his good friend and amazing session guitarist

Heath Nicholson who is also heaps of fun and can add more to the stage if the you think it might suit the event.